The UTS Framework

Roles & responsibilities


Students and supervisors

The relationship between you and your supervisors is at the core of the UTS Framework for Doctoral Education and is crucial to the success of your degree. 
The Framework recognises this, emphasising the need for a jointly created Doctoral Study Plan (DSP) that provides structure and support for your study. It takes your experiences and goals into consideration, assists you to plan your research and skills development needs, as well as ensuring your progress is reviewed on a regular basis.
Modules and subjects have been developed for both students and supervisors with a view to developing the necessary skills that will support professional and career development. Many of these will be discipline or field specific, developed in conjunction with the faculty and relevant Research strengths
Throughout the program you will work with your supervisors to:
  • Develop a tailored DSP that considers your knowledge and development needs
  • Review and evaluate your progress at each stage of the Framework
  • Actively contribute to research communities at a number of levels:
    • within your Research Strength/Faculty
    • across the university
    • in your project field/discipline area

Graduate Research School (GRS)

The Graduate Research School supports and promotes excellence in research education and in researcher development at UTS.
The team at GRS is responsible for developing the overall Framework for Doctoral Education and the policies that support it, this also includes:
  • Designing and implementing student and supervisor development programs such as induction seminars and information workshops
  • The ongoing review and evaluation of the implementation of the Framework across UTS
  • Developing generic research modules of study

Faculties and Research Strengths

All Faculties and Research Strengths will adapt the modular elements of the Framework to make them faculty and discipline specific, this includes:
  • Introductory knowledge modules
  • Advanced disciplinary knowledge modules
  • Research methods and methodologies
For the latest information on what is happening in your faculty please contact your Responsible Academic Officer.