Engaging with UTS

When engaging with UTS you can expect a transparent process, with fair and reasonable terms negotiated for both parties and undertaken in a timely and efficient manner.

Team UTS

UTS employs a team approach when working with industry and business.  Team UTS comprises of staff from the Research and Innovation Office, at least one UTS researcher and other UTS staff as necessary.
The UTS researcher will develop the project outline in conjunction with the industry partner and lead the research project.  Staff from the Industry Engagement and Commercialisation team support the UTS researcher and assist with the development of a budget, negotiate the terms and execute the agreement, and ensure UTS policies are upheld.

Fully Costed Research

UTS  is required to quote research projects to include full direct project costs plus any added indirect costs which would be faced by a private sector provider of similar services. UTS will charge for direct costs incurred in carrying out a project (such as salaries, materials, etc).
Indirect costs may also be charged such as access to University research equipment and facilities, administrative support costs, the cost of supervising students, etc.  UTS will also charge an Infrastructure cost which is based on the type of project undertaken.

Standard Agreements

UTS has a series of standard agreements to offer to industry as a starting point for negotiations.  UTS will also consider partner agreements but will negotiate clauses to ensure that any agreement signed meets UTS policies.

IP ownership at UTS

UTS' preferred position is to own any project IP generated by UTS, regardless of how the research is funded. UTS' position is governed by the strong desire to continue to provide freedom for its researchers to operate in their field of interest without restraint.
UTS provides fair and reasonable terms to the Industry Partner, including an option for an exclusive license. UTS is prepared to negotiate with the industry partner to ensure a deal is achieved.

Timely negotiations

UTS is committed to negotiating and executing agreements for industry research projects in a timely and efficient manner.